About Us

Who is CTAS Education?

CTAS Education is a Western Australian based Registered Training Organisation that specialises in workplace training and assessment of nationally recognised child care qualifications. We also provide professional development and customised training programs as well as First Aid Courses catered towards those working in the childcare industry.

The CTAS Education Philosophy

At CTAS Education, we are all passionate and committed early childhood professionals, who understand what it is like to work within the industry. We are training to give back our knowledge and experience to others who can use it. We are aware that early childhood education is a “hands on” profession and we have ensured our training focuses on this and not paperwork.

We believe that it is more beneficial to endeavour to teach students skills and knowledge, rather than “ticking and flicking”, so that we create great early childhood educators who have the skills and knowledge to give children the care they deserve.

Every student is important and an individual in our eyes, and therefore is treated that way. All staff, at all levels, are approachable and can be contacted at any time to discuss any issues or questions you may have.

Our vision is to empower educators and raise the standard of education and care by sharing our knowledge, skills and experiences through high quality, personalised training.

2 children wearing hard hats with male educator and slide

Our Training Process- Traineeships

We, at CTAS Education have developed our training with one focus in mind, quality training. We have witnessed how ineffective and impersonal training can be and we strive to be different, so that we can make a real difference in the child care industry. Students will be visited regularly at their centre, at an agreed time convenient to the centre director, the student and the trainer. During these visits the student will be assessed using various methods, including observations, questioning, role plays and participation in workshops. In-between these visits they will be assigned small tasks and reading to complete as part of their training. Our trainers work with their students on an individual basis in conjunction with other staff members and supervisors to ensure they continually improve and progress through their qualification. Centre directors are given an informative progress report on a monthly basis advising them of their trainee’s performance, areas of improvement and course progress.

We hope that you enjoy your training experience with CTAS Education and we welcome all feedback to help us improve in everything we do.